Marriage Licenses

Below are the requirements that must be met in order to receive a marriage license in Kentucky.

402.210 Requirements for issuance of license.

  1. Both parties to a marriage shall:
    1. Be present for a marriage license to be issued; and
    2. Present to the county clerk documentary proof of age in the form of:
      1. A copy of a birth record;
      2. A certification of birth issued by the state department of health, a local registrar of vital statistics, or other public office charged with similar duties by the laws of another state, territory, or country;
      3. A baptismal record showing the individual’s date of birth;
      4. A passport;
      5. An automobile driver’s license;
      6. Any government or school issued identification card showing the individual’s date of birth;
      7. An immigration record showing the individual’s date of birth;
      8. A naturalization record showing the individual’s date of birth; or
      9. A court record or any other document or record issued by a government entity showing the individual’s date of birth.
  2. If either of the parties is under seventeen (17) years of age, no license shall be issued.
  3. If either of the parties is seventeen (17) years of age, a marriage license shall not be issued unless:
    1. The party who is seventeen (17) years of age presents to the clerk a certified copy of a court order by a family court or District Court judge that grants the party permission to marry and removes the party’s disability of minority, as provided in KRS 402.205; and
    2. At least fifteen (15) days have elapsed since the court order was granted.

What do we do after we are married?

  • The officiate will return the signed marriage application to the Grant County Clerk’s Office. It will be filed with the County Clerk and a Marriage License will be issued to the couple.
  • When changing your maiden name, you will take your marriage license to the Social Security Administration. Information about the Social Security Office located in Florence, KY.
  • Upon receiving clearance from the Social Security Administration, then you may change your name on your driver’s license. Information about the Grant County Circuit Clerk’s office.

Minister Requirements

  • The “recognition” of a minister can take the form of ordination or license, or any other form which expresses clearly the fact that a religious group recognizes the person or looks to the person as a minister of that specific group. Currently, there is not a registration process for a minister to preform ceremonies in Kentucky.

Need a copy of a marriage license?

For a marriage license copy request, the following fees are required:
  • Photocopy: $0.50 per page
  • Certified copy: $5.00 per certified copy
          • Both Parties must be present
          • License is valid in Kentucky only
          • License is valid for 30 days including the date it is issued
          • Fee: $50.00 cash, check, credit card 2.75% processing fee 
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